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Shooting Mission on the Orient Express in Yugoslavia. The famous train has once again been restored, but back then the red plush in the compartments was stained and scarred by cigarette butts, the toilets backed up and most of the passengers looked and smelled like Transylvanian goatherds.

House of Madness it truly was. The director found a grove of trees and decided it was a romantic spot for an unscripted love scene. Over our objections, Ellen Sherman and I had to adlib the whole thing (three minutes of screen time-an eternity!) We indulged in a lot of profane commentary about the director, so it was quite a challenge later in the dubbing studio to lip-sync any kind of acceptable dialogue.

On location in Morocco. There was no more Rick's Bar in Casablanca or smuggling vessels in the harbor, but on a desert road we passed a caravan of Arab slave traders on camels with their human chattel tied together and on foot behind them. On their way to market in Marrakesh-where this shot was taken in front of the arches.

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