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Educated at Taft School in Connecticut and Washington & Lee University in Virginia, Art Hansl spent the next half century being in the right place at the right time. After serving in the Marine Corps, he went to Mexico for two weeks and stayed four years -- when places like Acapulco were a paradise indeed. Then on to Italy in the sixties, the last years of the Dolce Vita, where he became an actor in action pictures filmed on exotic locations around Europe, behind the Iron Curtain and in North Africa. Back to Mexico in 1969 for another dozen films -- co-productions with the U.S. as well as Mexican movies. Some of these were forgettable -- except for the cast and crew -- often being shot on the brink of a natural or man-made disaster. In America again the filmic career dwindled after a stint on the daytime series General Hospital, prompting a switch to writing. Five published suspense novels and an autobiography borrow from a career that was never boring!